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Embraer 195

Information and specifications

Status In production
Length 38.6 m
Height 10.5 m
Wingspan 28.7 m
Cabin (L, W, H) 28.17 m, 2.74 m, 2 m
Fuselage Diameter 3.01 metres
Take-off Weight 48.79 tonnes (maximum)
Landing Weight 45 tonnes (maximum)
Operating Weight 28.97 tonnes (empty)
Payload 13.53 tonnes (maximum)
Luggage Volume 21.17 m³
Fuel Capacity 16.25 tonnes (standard)
Fuel-Economy 220 m/l
Range 2,650 km (fully loaded)
Engine GE CF34-10E
Power 823 kN
Speed (Cruise) 890 km/h
Service Ceiling 11.9 km
Take-off Runway 2.08 km
Landing Runway 1.31 km
Climb-Rate 780.90 m/min
Units Sold 410

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Cessna T-50

Information and specifications

Role Twin engine trainer, five seat light transport
Country of Origin United States of America
Manufacturer Cessna Aircraft Company
First Flight 26 March, 1939
Total production(units) Over 5400
Primary users Royal Canadian Air Force

United States Navy

United States Army Air Force

Status Restored as antiques
Variants AT-8, AT-17, JRC-1
Length 32 feet 9 inches
Height 9 feet 11 inches

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Cessna 560


Variants UC-35D, Encore+ UC-35B, Citation Encore, UC-35C, UC-35A, Citation Ultra
Crew 2
Passenger 11 maximum
Engine 2 turbofan engine Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535A
Power 15.1 kN
Speed 793 kilometres per hour
Service Ceiling 137.16 metres
Range 3297 kilometres
Weight 4627 kilograms (empty)/7543 kilograms (maximum at takeoff)
Wingspan 16.49 metres
Wing area 29.9 metres²
Height 4.63 metres
Length 14.9 metres
Status In production
First Flight 29th February, 2006
ICAO Code C560

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Cessna 441 Conquest II


Crew 2 pilots (maximum)
Seats 7
Length 11.89 m
Wing Area 23.5 m²
Wingspan 15.04 m
Height 4.1 m
Weight 2,489 kg (empty)/4,611 kg (gross)
Engine Garrett TPE331 turboprops; 474 KW/636 hp
Propeller 4 bladed
Power/Mass 0.21 KW/kg , 8.0 lb/hp
Landing Gear Retractable tricycle
Takeoff 544 m
Climb-Rate 12.37 m/s
Speed 480 km/hr (maximum), 454 km/hr (cruise)
Range 2,078 km
Service Ceiling 10,668 m

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Cessna 350

Information and specification

Role Four seat light touring aircraft
Manufacturer Cessna Aircraft Company
Country of Origin USA
First Flight 1998
Top Speed 219 miles per hour
Variants Columbia 300, 400
Status Out of production
Length 25 ft 2 inches
Height 9ft
Wingspan 36ft 1 inches

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Cessna 205

Information and specifications

Role Six seat utility light aircraft
Country of Origin United States
Manufacturer Cessna
First Flight 1962
Total Production 577
Primary users United States Air Force
Status Remodelled
Variants P-206, 207A,
Length 8.62 m
Height 2.92 m
Wingspan 10.92 m

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Antonov-An-124 Ruslan

Information and Specifications

Role Large cargo transport aircraft
Country of Origin Russia
Manufacturer Aviant State Aviation Plant
Total Production (units) 60
Primary users Russian Air Force

United Kingdom

Russian State Transport Company

Status Out of operation
Cruising speed 800 Km/hr
Length 69.10 meter
Height 21.80 meter
First Flight December 1982

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