Types of Private Jets

Types of Private Jets

Taking a private flight is an entirely different affair compared to a commercial one. It’s also more glamorous, as it usually includes a lot of extra amenities and luxuries. However, these flights are usually taken by the extremely wealthy or famous, as only a handful of people can afford the extravagance of taking a private jet.

List of Different Business Jets

Types of Private Jets

Private jets are commonly categorized by size. They also vary greatly in the number of people they can seat, the size of their interiors, and specs like range and speed.

ClassesTypical UseSeating CapacityCabin SizeRange (miles)Speed (mph)Avg Cost (in $)Examples
Very Light JetsShort distance business trips and personal travel4-6Small1,000-1,500380-4604.4MCirrus Vision Jet, HondaJet, Embraer Phenom series
Light JetsShort to medium distance business travel6-8Small1,500-2,500400-5009.6MCessna Citation M2, Learjet 70/75, Phenom 300
Mid-size JetsMedium distance business travel8-10Medium2,500-3,500420-53015.7MHawker 800/900 series, Citation Latitude, Gulfstream G150
Super Mid-size JetsMedium to long distance business travel8-12Medium to Large, with space for more amenities and comfort3,000-4,000490-59022.2MBombardier Challenger 300/350, Citation Sovereign, Gulfstream G280
Large JetsLong distance business travel, luxury charter10-16Large, with additional luxury features3,500-6,000500-60033.8MBombardier Global series, Gulfstream G500/G600, Dassault Falcon 2000 series
Long Range JetsUltra-long distance travel, intercontinental12-16Large, capable of providing comfort to passengers for long flights5,000-7,500530-70061.2MGulfstream G650/G700, Bombardier Global Express, Dassault Falcon 7X/8X
VIP AirlinersLuxury charter, corporate travel, government use16+Large, capable of carrying a lot of personnel – both corporate and government4,000-7,500500-600Over 100MBoeing Business Jet (BBJ), Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ), Bombardier Global 7500 VIP

The World’s Most Luxurious (and Expensive) Private Jets

While private jets are always luxurious to an extent, the people who own these jets can take them to another level.

The Jet and Who Owns ThemSpecial AmenitiesPrice (Approx.)
Airbus A380 (Prince Alwaleed bin Talal)A concert hall, a Turkish bath, and stables for camels and horses$502 million
Airbus A340-300 (Alisher Usmanov)Most of the jet’s amenities are not privy to the public, but there are rumors of a nightclub onboard$400 million
Boeing 747-8 VIP (Joseph Lau)Enough space for a conference room, a bar, a gym, and several guest rooms$367 million
Boeing 747-430 (The Sultan of Brunei)Solid gold plated interiors, including the washbasins and toilets$323 million
Boeing 767-33A ER (Roman Abramovich)Dining area with the capacity to accommodate around 30 people, as well as a movie theater and walk-in closets$170 million

Celebrities and Their Private Jets

Considering the glamorous lives these people lead, it isn’t surprising that quite a few have private jets. Here are some of the more…extravagant ones.

CelebrityPrivate Jets OwnedHow Much They Cost
Elvis Presley-Convair 880
-Lockheed JetStar
-$250,000 (about $1.2 million today)
– $899,702.85 (about $4.7 million today)
Taylor SwiftDassault Falcon 7X$54 million
DrakeBoeing 767-200ER$185 million
Rick RossGulfstream G550$28 million
Jeff BezosGulfstream G650ER$70 million
Elon Musk-Gulfstream G650ER
-Dassault Falcon 900B
-Gulfstream G550
-$70 million
-$26 million
-$28 million
Michael JordanGulfstream G550$61.5 million


1. What is the most used private jet?

With over 2000 planes sold and counting, the Cessna CitationJet series – a Light Jet of the Citation family of business jets – remains the most popular private jet among those who can afford them.

2. How badly are private jets polluting the environment?

Private jets are notorious for their substantial environmental footprint. A single flight for a few individuals emits ten times more CO2 per person than a typical commercial flight carrying between 20 and 800 passengers. These flights also release a staggering 50 times more emissions than the average train ride.