Embraer 195

Information and specifications

Status In production
Length 38.6 m
Height 10.5 m
Wingspan 28.7 m
Cabin (L, W, H) 28.17 m, 2.74 m, 2 m
Fuselage Diameter 3.01 metres
Take-off Weight 48.79 tonnes (maximum)
Landing Weight 45 tonnes (maximum)
Operating Weight 28.97 tonnes (empty)
Payload 13.53 tonnes (maximum)
Luggage Volume 21.17 m³
Fuel Capacity 16.25 tonnes (standard)
Fuel-Economy 220 m/l
Range 2,650 km (fully loaded)
Engine GE CF34-10E
Power 823 kN
Speed (Cruise) 890 km/h
Service Ceiling 11.9 km
Take-off Runway 2.08 km
Landing Runway 1.31 km
Climb-Rate 780.90 m/min
Units Sold 410

Embraer 195
Embraer 195

Picture 1: upload.wikimedia.org

Embraer 195 Pictures
Embraer 195 Pictures

Picture 2: upload.wikimedia.org

Design and Development

Embraer 195 is a commercial aircraft that is mainly used by regional operators for civil aviation. It measures 38.65m in length and can fit 108 passengers in a 2 x 2 seating arrangement. The aircraft has a wingspan of 28.72m over its winglets, which are characteristic features of Embraer aircraft designs. The winglets have been introduced in order to reduce drag and subsequently improve fuel-efficiency.

Embraer 195, like 190, is powered by CF34-10E engines manufactured by General Electric. There are 2 units of the engine installed in the aircrafts, which can thus generate compound force of 82.3kN.

Embraer 195 Inside
Embraer 195 Inside

Picture 3: aircharter.uk.com

Interior of Embraer 195
Interior of Embraer 195

Picture 4: outravisaobrasil.com

The flight deck of Embraer 195 features an audio control console, Primus EPIC electronic flight instrumentation system by Honeywell, a multifunctional control display unit, a multifunctional display and a flight display.

Embraer 195 is a regional aircraft in character, but it has roomy cabin and spacious overhead luggage compartment for passengers.         Its interior features raise its value considerably. The plane complies with rigorous sound norms, and therefore, is operated by some of the premium airlines to and from some of the developed European airports.

Embraer 195 Seat Map
Embraer 195 Seat Map

Picture 5: seatplans.com


Embraer 195 is used for civil aviation purposes. It is a regional aircraft that meets high standards of international commercial aviation.

Cockpit of Embraer 195
Cockpit of Embraer 195

Picture 6: upload.wikimedia.org

Embraer 195 Cockpit
Embraer 195 Cockpit

Picture 7: upload.wikimedia.org


Embraer 195 is a modified version of Embraer 195. The only difference between the 2 is the length, because of which Embraer 195 can fit 10 more passengers than Embraer 190. The 1st flight of ERJ-195 took place in December, 2004.

Like Embraer ERJ-170, ERJ-190 series is a new entrant into the market of top-end regional jet airliners. The seat-capacity ranges from 70 to 108. Both the series were announced by Embraer in February, 1999. The programme was formally launched at the Paris Air-Show in June the same year. The first model in the series – the ERJ-170 – made its first flight in June, 2003 while ERJ-190 flew for the first time in March the following year.

Ever since the model was conceived, Embraer has developed 3 variants of ERJ-170 in total with suffixes 175, 190 and 195.

Embraer 195 Images
Embraer 195 Images

Picture 8: embraercommercialaviation.com

Embraer 195 Photos
Embraer 195 Photos

Picture 9: civilaviation.eu

Modern Day

Embraer 195 is in production to-date. Embraer is a Brazilian aircraft-manufacturer and has sold hundreds of models in total from ERJ-170 to ERJ-195. Embraer 195 is used by Air Canada, Bulgaria Air, Finnair, US Airways, etc. The aircraft is also operated by Ecuadorian Air Force, Columbian Air Force and Brazilian Air Force too.







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